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Not only does the Hocking Hills provide State Parks and Forests, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, shopping, and dining to keep you busy during the day, it offers a majestic dark sky filled with stars for your viewing pleasure. In the evening, sit back and enjoy the stars from your hot tub, or bring a blanket and find the perfect stop to enjoy the heavens above you.

Star Light, Star Bright!

One must travel away from the   live pollution of cities and towns to experience more natural conditions for viewing the night sky. Under truly dark conditions the sky can present even the un-aided eye with a spectacular display of stars, planets, comets, galaxies, and nebulae. There are few places in Ohio where the sky remains clear and dark, and the Hocking Hills is one such area. Luckily, this oasis of dark sky exists within just a day's drive of almost 50% of the United States!

Getaway Cabins® is a member of the   International Dark Sky Association

Every year in August, the   Hocking Hills State Park holds a Star Seekers Shower Search at the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge. Bring a blanket or your favorite lawn chair and spend a night under the stars. Watch the Persied Meteor Shower and explore the planets, comets, and other mysteries of the night sky.

The Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park, along with the   Columbus Astronomical Society, have proposed a one-of-a-kind Astronomy Park to be built within the Hocking Hills State Park. The combination of the telescopes size and the dark skies over the Hocking Hills will mean that this observatory will likely provide the best views of the sky provided by any public observatory in our state. Watch the   Friends' website for updates.

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