Getaway Cabins®, Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there cell service?

A: Sprint seems to be the best near the main office, AT&T has recently increased their service in the area as of 2021 so most of our cabins it can be utilized but verizon is very spotty.

Q: How close are Spruce Moose and Whispering Woods from Hocking Hills State Park.

A: The Bishop's Ridge location where those two cabins are located is just about 5 miles to Cedar Falls and Ash Cave, and just a little further to Old Man's Cave.

Q: Do the cabins have a maximum stay? (like one month...year)

A: We actually have had someone stay a month. Most often, we do not have the availability to do anything that long, unless it is planned well in advance.

Q: When you go fishing, can you catch and keep them along with throwing them back? I wondered because we wanted to possibly grill some fish!

A: At the ponds on our properties, Rose Lake, or Lake Logan if you want to get some for dinner!

Q: Do the cabins have a wine bottle opener?

A: Yes, the cabins all have corkscrews.

Q: Does cabin #11 have basic seasonings like salt & pepper?

A: During the increased time of covid concerns we have removed high traffic multi use items that we normally would provide such as salt and pepper.

Q: We are planning to come and stay is there a trail that we can ride our Bikes to see the Old mans Cave?

A: There is not a trail that you can ride bikes on to Old Man's Cave, although you can ride along the road (just be's VERY hilly!). At Old Man's Cave, you would need to park your bike and walk down into the cave area.

Q: Hi, we have an upcoming trip with you and I was wondering if you have sugar packets for coffee or do we need to bring those with us?

A: We no longer provide creamer or sugar but do provide filters, but you should bring your own coffee.

Q: Do all the cabins have some type of refrigerator?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: Besides personal items, what else should we bring? What are the two items that most people forget?

A: You really do just need to bring food, toiletries, and clothes.

Q: Do you have ATV trails in the winter we can ride on? Where? What cabin would be best?

A: We do not allow ATV riding on our cabin properties. Explore Hocking Hills is the best and official information center for those types of interests.

Q: I am not understanding if the rates shown are for each night or for both nights (Friday and Saturday)???

A: All rates shown are per night, Friday and Saturday are our weekend nights and staying both those nights together is our requirement.

Q: Hi, My husband and I rented a cabin last March and loved it. Our vehicles have changed and I know some cabins are not accessible without 4Wheel drive, which are standard car friendly in terms of access?

A: We do not have any cabins now that require four wheel drive. Cabins 17,26,27,37,38 do have steep driveways and highly recommend 4wd or AWD. However, if you have any access to four wheel drive in the winter, we always suggest it.

Q: Are there any handicap accessible cabins?

A: The first floor of  Cabin #41 Enchanted is handicap accessible.

Q: Do you have fire pits, and can you bring your own wood?

A: Each cabin has a fire pit. We ask that you not bring your own wood, in an attempt to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer. Firewood is for sale with cash drop boxes at our main office, Bishops, and Ash Cave properties.

Q: I'm planning a vacation for 30 of my family members. We don't have to stay in the same cabin but we would like to be close to each other. Is there anything available? 22 adults and 8 kids.

A: We would not be able to accommodate at any one cabin. Our Ash Cave Property Offers 3 - 8 Person Cabins and 6 - 2 Person Cabins that are all walking distance from each other(Cabins #40-#48). 

Q: Incense~is that allowed in cabins? We do not smoke.

A: We prefer that you not burn incense in the cabins, but we do permit candles.

Q: Does cabin #25 have internet?

A: Yes, all cabins minus 2,4,5,6 have wifi

Q: My husband and I were wanting to have a New Years Eve party at one of your larger cabins. If we have the maximum guests staying but other people wanted to stop by and then leave would that be allowed, or would we have to pay for them as well?

A: I am sorry, that would not be allowed. We do not allow any visitors, and do not allow any more people than the maximum occupancy.

Q: I need to know about fishing opportunities.

A: Check out our fishing link here.

Q: Do all the cabins have microwave ovens?

A: Yes, they all have microwaves.

Q: I want to surprise my girlfriend with a weekend stay to celebrate our anniversary. I am 21, and will be making the reservation as it is a surprise, although my girlfriend isn't 21. Will that be an issue?

A: We do require that ALL guests be over 21.

Q: Will I need to bring dish washing soap and bathing soap?

A: We provide dish soap and hand soap, but you should bring soap for bathing.


Q: Do a lot of people use the traveling massage services? If so have you had any complaints?

A: We have a LOT of our guests use these services, and can count on one hand the complaints that we have received over the years. Ash Cave Day Spa is our preferred venue at this time and we have had great feedback from it as well. 

Q: Do any of your cabins have king size beds? if so which ones?

A: Cabins #19,#26,#27, #40,#41,#42,#51 offer king size beds

Q: If we rent a cabin over the Christmas holiday, are we allowed to put up a Christmas tree?

A: Sure, we have a lot of guests that decorate for the holidays. Just be sure to take care of clean up & removal of the tree.

Q: If we were staying in Cabin 25 which accommodates 8 people, could we also pitch a tent outside the cabin for 3 or 4 more people in our group? Is there an extra charge?

A: No, we do not allow any more guests over the maximum occupancy. You might check with Top O' the Caves Campground. They have cabins where they also allow others to camp.

Q: What sorts of children friendly activates are there (for example swimming, go karts, putt-putt, etc.)? Also, do the cabins have microwaves???

A: There are two swimming beaches at Lake Logan and Tar Hollow State Park. There is putt-putt golf in the area. And, yes, the cabins all have microwaves. Explore Hocking also has info on up to date activities in the area

Q: Do the cabins have toasters?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: Which cabins accommodate 4 people?

A: Cabins #5, #7, #12, #17, #24, #25, #26, #27, #33, #39,#40, #41, #42, #51 will accommodate four (or more) people.

Q: Do the cabins have alarm clocks or do we need to bring our own?

A: Yes, the cabins do have alarm clocks.

Q: Do you have hair dryers in the bathrooms?

A: Yes, all the cabins have hair dryers.

Q: Are there night lights in the cabins? Or outside lighting?

A: All of the cabins do have night lights. Some of our cabins have outside overhead lighting. Others only have just a light on the front and back porch that can be turned on or off. If you have a preference for or against outside lighting, give us a call and we can suggest the perfect cabin for you.

Q: Is it necessary to pre book a massage or could that be done after we arrive?

A: Many guests are able to book massages after they arrive, but there is not always a therapist available at the last minute.

Q: How far away is the nearest restaurant from the cabins? Do they require reservations?

A: The closest restaurant is the Inn at Cedar Falls which offers fine dining. The Inn has specific seating times, so you definitely need reservations there. There is also a Dining Lodge at the Hocking Hills State Park that is open April-October.

Q: Is the public allowed to swim at the Hocking Hills Lodge pool? If so what does cost and what are the hours?

A: No, it is for their guests only.

Q: Can you burn the wood that is dead and on the ground around your cabin?

A: Yes, you can. 

Q: Do the cabins have a blender?

A: No, they do not. That is one of the very few things that are not in the kitchen.

Q: If cabins in the same area are all booked for the same time span, do people still feel secluded? How far apart are your nearest cabins to each other?

A: The amount of "seclusion" really varies by cabin and by location, but all cabins still feel very private.

Q: Are guests permitted to feed local animals?

A: Some of our cabins offer wildlife lights outside the cabins and feed is placed for the Deer, Turkey, etc.., but we strongly ask that you do NOT feed any wildlife on your back porch, ESPECIALLY Raccoons!

Q: When making a reservation, will my account be debited at that time or at the time of check-in?

A: We require full payment when you make your reservation.

Q: I was just wondering about the grills at the cabins...are they charcoal or do they use a propane tank, and do we have to provide it with either?

A: All of the cabins have gas grills, with a propane tank and spare are both provided for each grill.

Q: Do any cabins have air conditioning?

A: Yes, they all do...either window units or central air.

Q: What about cooking utensils, pots, pans etc? Do we need to bring those? Plates, silverware?

A: Nope! That's all there in the cabin for you.

Q: How accessible are your cabins?. I have a disabled girlfriend in a wheelchair, and I'd like to know if there are cabins adapted for this?

A: Cabin #41 Enchanted is wheelchair accessible on the first floor .

Q: Are there any spas around there or anywhere you can get a massage?

A: Ash Cave Day Spa offers a full day spa that you can come spend the day at, or can have a therapist travel to your cabin to do massage treatments!

Q: What are your office hours?

A: Our office is open 9:00am-5:00pm Sunday through Friday. 

Q: How would I be charged If I booked for a 7 days stay (1 week). Do I get charged with the weekday rate or am I charged seperately for Saturday and Sunday rate aside from the weekday rate?

A: Friday & Saturday would be at the weekend rate, with Sunday-Thursday at the weekday rate. There would be a 5% discount off of the total.

Q: Are there any Trash Dumpsters available, or do we take care of our own trash?

A: Housekeeping will pick up your trash following your stay. There is a large outside garbage can in addition to the inside trash for use during your visit.

Q: I'm hyper-allergic to cats. Can i still stay in a pet-friendly cabin?

A: I wouldn't recommend it. Although most of our pet visitors are dogs, we do occasionally have cats stay. If you are hyper-allergic, I would suggest choosing a non pet-friendly cabins to avoid any problems.

Q: I would like to make a reservation. My concern with being winter is there may be a winter storm and we may be unable to come down for the weekend. What is your refund policy in the case of winter weather?

A: I'm sorry, but we do not offer a refund due to the weather. We will work through rain, sleet, snow, and ice to have your cabin ready and waiting for you.

Q: Are dogs permitted at Old Man's Cave?

A: Yes. Pets are permitted (on leash) at all State Park Areas except for Conkles Hollow and Rockbridge which are Nature Preserves.

Q: At the risk of sounding paranoid, how secure is the area and the cabins themselves?

A: While we can never "guarantee" your security, your biggest risk is likely from raccoons!

Q: Do you give military discounts?

A: Yes, we have a 10% off discount for all active military.

Q: What time is check in/out?

A: Check in starts at 4:00pm, and check out is at 11:00am.

Q: What is the largest cabin you have?

A: Our Largest Cabin is Cabin 51 that sleeps 16 guests . for all our cabins for more than 2 guests click here

Q: Can you stay for just one night during the week?

A: Yes, Sunday through Thursday there is no minimum stay requirement.

Q: If no pet-friendly cabins are available will you make an exception?

A: No, I'm sorry, we will not. We strive to keep those cabins pet-free for our guests that might be allergic to pets.

Q: I had a quick question in regards to the taxes on the cabin rentals. I saw a sales tax and a lodge tax are they both applied to the total bill ?

A: Yes we are required to charge both a 7.25% sales tax, and 6% lodging tax added to the rental rates.

Q: I have pets and it says pets can not stay in the cabins alone. My pets are crate trained and are always in the crate when we are not home. Is this acceptable?

A: Yes, as long as they are crated and not loose in the cabin, that is just fine.

Q: I see people will be checking out the day we check in and am wondering about how the hot tub is cleaned?

A: The Hot Tubs are cleaned and maintained with chemicals like a swimming pool. We service the hot tubs after every stay, and on extended stays, on the third day and every other day thereafter.

Q: Is there any horseback riding areas close by? We don't have any horses, but would love to do some riding if there are any in the area close by??

A: There are several riding stables in the area. Just visit the link in the "Outdoor Adventures" area on our site.

Q: What dates correspond with the height of leaf change in the fall?

A: The peak of the foliage is usually about the 15th of October.

Q: Is there Daily Room Service?

A: Most of our guests prefer not to be disturbed, so we give them as much privacy as we can. For this reason, we do not provide daily housekeeping, but we will visit to service your hot tub if you are staying more than two days.

Q: Can you smoke in the cabins?

A: No, but you are welcome to smoke outside. Smoking inside will result in a $100.00 fine.

Q: If we originally book a cabin for two nights, but after staying there, can we stay an extra night if we decide at the last minute?

A: Sure. As long as it is available you can book another night, and many of our guests do.

Q: Do you have a brochure to send out?

A: We do have a rack card and some other information that we are happy to send out to you, but you'll find much more information here online.

Q: If someone needed to get a hold of us while we're there can they call an office and get a message to us?

A: Yes, we can get a message to you. If it is after hours, they should leave a message on our voice mail, and we will contact you during our business hours.

Q: We can only come on Sat. night. We work too late to get there Fri. and have to work on Mon. so a Sunday night stay is out of the question. If availible can we stay one night?

A: Most Likely not, but if it happens to be in the off season or last minute availability then it may be a possibility.

Q: Are you allowed to fish?

A: Guests at the Chapel Ridge Location (Cabins #2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) may fish in the two ponds on that property. The pond at the Bishop's Ridge Location is new and was just recently stocked, so they are pretty small yet. All fishing is catch & release, and no license is needed on our properties. There are also several lakes nearby.

Q: Do you have to have a four wheel drive to get to your cabins?

A: We recommend four wheel drive in the winter if you have it available, just because all of our roads and drives are very hilly and curvy.

Q: Are motorcycles allowed?

A: Certainly! Just be aware that there are gravel driveways to all of our locations. Give us a call and let us know your comfort level and experience with gravel, and we can direct you to the best location for you.

Q: Do you have an area close by for ATV riders?

A: Wayne National Forest has ATV trails. It is about 25 miles from our Main Location.

Q: We have 3 children and wanted to know if there is a place where they could go swimming (beach,lake, pool, etc...).

A: There are swimming beaches at both Lake Logan and Tar Hollow State Parks.

Q: If you had intentionally planned to spend two nights at Getaway Cabins and the only way you could do that is if you spent each night in a different cabin-would you offer any types of discounts, vouchers, etc. for the inconvenience?

A: We very often have guests that do need to switch from one cabin to another, and we can make that pretty painless for you. We can clean the cabin that you are moving to first and let you move directly to that cabin, rather than having you check out in the morning and having to wait until the afternoon to check back in to the next cabin.

Q: Even though it's winter are we able to use the hot tubs?

A: Absolutely! It's actually the best time of year to use them.

Q: How far from Hocking hills State Park are you?

A: We are surrounded by the Hocking Hills State Park! Our Main Location and Office is 1.5 miles from Cedar Falls, 3-4 miles from Ash Cave, and 5 miles from Old Man's Cave.

Q: Is there any work involved with an electric fireplace or do you just flip a switch?

A: That's the beauty of electric fireplaces-just flip the switch and you have flames!

Q: Are there bathrooms in the cabins?

A: Yes, all have private bathrooms with showers.

Q: If we want to stay Friday night and Sat night, but can't get there until 7:00ish, is this possible?

A: Yes. We prefer for you to check in when we're here and can give you directions personally and be sure you've reached your cabin, but understand that it's not always possible for you to get here in time. If you are not here when we close the office at 5:00pm, we leave directions for you.

Q: Do all your cabins have satellite TV and phones? Or if you have a cell phone are you able to pick-up a signal?

A: We are way out in the country...plan on no cell phone reception! Sprint gets the most coverage in the area, but even those can be questionable at Bishop's Ridge. There are community phones at our Chapel Ridge and Bishop's Ridge Locations and in the White Oak Cottage, and Scenic View. All phones offer free long distance.

Q: Do the cabins have a firepit outside each cabin? If so, is the wood provided or do we bring our own?

A: At the main location, we have just one shared fire pit. At the other locations, each cabin has its own. We have firewood for sale at the office for $5 per bundle. The Department of Natural Resources asks that you not bring your own wood in an effort to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer to our area. All counties in Ohio are quarantined.

Q: We are debating to pre grocery shop or wait until we arrive. Can you tell us how close, and the type of stores that are near?

A: We have a small carryout within just a couple miles that has many of the basics that you would need. In Logan, which is about 15 miles from our Main Location, there is a Kroger and Walmart. Laurelville, in the other direction offers a smaller grocery, Young's Family Market. You may want to stop at one of these on your way here.

Q: I just need to get away from the husband and kids (!!!) Would this be something that a single woman who wants seclusion can enjoy???

A: Absolutely! Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Q: I would like to give a gift certificate as a Christmas gift and I'm wondering if there's an expiration on them. You've created a real gold mine...lucky us!

A: Gift Certificates make great gifts! They are good for two years from date of purchase.

Q: I understand your cancellation policy. However, can I move a reservation date without canceling?

A: If it is more than two weeks prior to the reservation, there would be no problem in just switching dates. If it is less than two weeks prior, our normal cancellation policy applies.

Q: What if I'm not ready to leave at check out time? Can I stay later and is there a charge?

A: Because of the number of cabins we have to clean each day and the short time we have to do it in, we are not able to accommodate a late check out.

Q: What if we decide to wait until the last minute to come? What do we do?

A: Just make sure to call us before you head out, as we often don't have anything available at the last minute. For those times we do, however, you get $10 off with our Spur of the Moment special!

Q: What does it cost to bring your pet, is it per stay or per night?

A: Pets are just $15 per pet per night (maximum of three).

"We enjoyed our stay here very much. Living in the city, the seclusion the cabins provide was appreciated. I loved seeing all the deer and other animals-we didn't even have to look for them! Everything was great!"

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